ISC Collections Payment Collections Solution

This solution allows its customers to manage their remitters, and to keep track of their invoices and payments.

ISC Collections
  • Comprises a flexible notification engine which sends invoice and due payment reminders to remitters
  • Closely monitors payments made by remitters and balances their accounts. Extra amounts are kept in remitters accounts to be used in future invoices.
  • Notifies customers with less advanced accounting solutions through the notification engine, whereas customers using more advanced systems are offered the real-time B2B notifications option
  • Provides a wide range of online services to the customers, allowing them to manage configuration/remitters/invoices and to view payments
  • Allows remitters to manage configuration, view invoices, and view payments–services which may attract new customers to banks

ISC Collections has the following features:

  • Create new customers with customer information and notification settings
  • Assign base account number for generation of virtual accounts for remitters.
  • Customizable notification functionality e.g. Notification timing, notification messages (En/Ar), notification type (email, SMS etc.)
  • Create a batch of virtual accounts for remitters with valid IBAN numbers
  • Receive invoices as messages or as bulk invoice files through different channels and technology e.g. MQ Series, file copy, ftp, Web Services etc.
  • Notify remitters about their invoices using email and/or SMS messages
  • Receive payments through different channels e.g. MQ Series, web services etc.
  • Balance payments with invoices. In case the payments are more than the total invoice amount, the extra amount is kept at remitters account to be utilized for future invoices.
  • Notify customers and remitters about the paid invoices.
Supplementary Services:
  • Customers can request for statements and reports about their invoices and remitters
  • Invoice management for customers (recall or settle an invoice, change due date)
  • Administrative reports e.g. pending invoices, past due invoices, remitters with pending invoices with the balance etc.
  • Reconciliation of the payments and invoices with the bank and customer records
  • B2B push notifications to the customer web services for real-time payment notifications
Remitter services
  • Get list of invoices with status
  • Get list of payments
  • Get account details: Name, address, email, mobile no
  • Change account details