Integreal Enterprise Service Bus and Middleware
Integreal Enterprise Service Bus and Middleware is an enterprise system and application integration solution. Enterprise architectures contains many systems and applications to provide various services the company relies upon. These applications are either developed in-house or licensed from different vendors. The integration and orchestration of these systems in a modular, flexible and robust manner is the key to success of the business. Our solution provides the following features:

  • Data Integration: Support compatibility virtually with any system and protocol
  • Data transformation: Advanced functionality for data transformation
  • Control routing of messages and monitor them
  • Reliability through message queuing, multi-server processing and advanced error management functionalities
  • Reliability, Availability and Scalability: The solution can be deployed to run on many servers to provide availability and scalability.
  • Central Management: Central repository for business rules, security, message and error logging

Some of the integrations in our previous projects:

  • Fix Protocol, real-time trading integration (Saudi Tadawul, UAE DFM and ADX, Qatar QE, US NYSE and NASDAQ)
  • TIP Protocol, X-stream TIP System, real-time market data integration (Saudi Tadawul, UAE DFM and ADX, Qatar QE, US NYSE and NASDAQ)
  • First Data Corporation Vision Plus (Credit Card), ACI Postilion (ATM Switch), ACI Base24 (ATM Switch), Temenos T24 (core banking), ISC Banks (core banking), IBM Megara (core banking), Oracle Flexcube (core banking) etc.
  • Online integration to Saudi SIMAH Credit Bureau, Saudi SADAD Payment System, Saudi Yakeen Citizen and Resident Information System, Jordan eFawateer etc.
  • Common protocols used in finance such as ISO8583, PostBridge Interface, MSMQ, MQ Series, HTTP, SOAP, Web Services etc.