Integreal Investment and Stock Trading Solution

Our solution is an end-to-end online investment and brokerage solution from the ground up, with full integration into Saudi Tadawul, UAE DFM and ADX, Qatar QE, US NYSE and NASDAQ through a FIX gateway, while allowing their customers to trade throughout multiple financial markets and mutual funds using a single user account.

The solution has the following modules:

Customer Website
  • Online registration
  • User authentication with OTP (one time password over SMS)
  • Trading screens for multiple stock exchanges, manage portfolio
  • Investment functionality for mutual funds
  • Account management, fund transfer between accounts and to/from external bank accounts
  • Product subscriptions (trading, price dissemination)
  • Advanced trading with real-time price dissemination
Administrative Website
  • Manage operators and customers
  • Customer segments
  • Product definitions and pricing, special prices for segments, timed promotions
  • Customer messaging for notifications and promotions
  • Fund and stock management, update information, settings
  • Accounting, management of customer funds, debts, invoices, payments
  • Payment collections through ISC Collections through direct debit, credit card, SADAD and B2B fund transfers through virtual bank accounts with IBAN.
  • Customer support functionality, management of accounts, portfolios etc.
  • Reports for fees, partners managements, external customers etc.
Background Services
  • Full integration to stock markets including Saudi Tadawul, UAE DFM and ADX, Qatar QE, US NYSE and NASDAQ, for trading functionalities
  • Integration to price dissemination services for real-time price data
  • B2B integration to bank for real-time fund transfer from bank accounts
  • Auto subscription management, renew, disable subscriptions, notifications
  • Integration to back office solution
  • Integration to CRM solution
  • Integration to helpdesk solution